Posted by Fenrir - 07/06/16 08:11PM - 1/52/53/54/55/5

Game Version : 9


  • Dragon Flame Orb can be crafted again, new component added to recipe: Dragon Flame Orb Shard
  • Dragon Flame Orb Shard can be obtained from AEU, players can obtain 24 x Dragon Flame Orb Shard week
  • Players need 24 x Dragon Flame Orb Shard to craft 1 x Dragon Flame Orb beside the default recipe components
  • Dragon Flame Orb Shard cannot be traded or put in Account Stash
  • Dragon Flame Orb obtain from crafting cannot be traded or put in Account Stash
  • Dragon Flame Orb obtain from Dragon Orb Flame Pack cannot be traded
  • Dragon Flame Orb obtain from Dragon Fire's Pack can be traded or put in Account Stash
  • Normal days IP limit increased to 25 Accounts/IP from 3 Accounts/IP , during Nation Wars days limit remains 2 accounts/ip as before to avoid Nation Wars alt spam

Posted by Fenrir - 26/05/16 12:45PM - 1/52/53/54/55/5

Game Version : 8


  • Trauma Ring was added back to the FREE R9 packs

Posted by Fenrir - 25/05/16 08:30AM - 1/52/53/54/55/5

Game Version : 7

  • Delta rewards will be given just once per day per each account
  • EU rewards will be given just once per day per each account
  • All DQ items are not non tradeable but they can be put in account stash
  • Dragon Orb Flame cannot be crafted in game anymore and can be obtain only from Dragon Fire's Pack or Dragon Orb Flame Pack
  • Dragon Fire Pack has Dragon Orb Flame success rate slightly increased
  • Dragon Fire Pack it's non tradeable now

Posted by Fenrir - 23/05/16 05:39AM - 1/52/53/54/55/5

Game Version : 6

  • Each Delta Room Clear Quest will reward 20 x War Avatar Pack Delta
  • Duty Badge quest will give now 2 x Duty Badge's
  • Time to craft Disabled Cog of Fate  (Cube of Fate Room 60) its now 1 minute
  • Receive Cog of Fate quest will reward 4 x Rotating Cog of Fate now (Cube Of Fate)
  • Bounty Hunter II and III daily quests rewards increased: 4 x Exp, 12k Reputation and 4 x One Big Note
  • Palace of Nirvana requires now minimum 3 people to enter (normal and cast) 
  • Twilight Temple requires now minimum 3 people to start the instance now
  • Lieutenant Li has the option to exchange now 100 Merit Badges Class 1-5
  • Commander-in-chief has the option to exchange now 1000 Wraith Officer's Badges
  • Wraith Officer BadgesMerit Badges and Potions had their stacks increased
  • War Avatar Reset Kwei will give War Avatar Pack 2nd Chance instead of War Avatar Artifact when players exchange War Avatar Cards S cards on him
  • War Avatar Reset Kwei will exchange War Avatar Artifact to War Avatar Pack 2nd Chance
  • Black HenbanePalo HerbValdia RootCrane HerbOx Bezoa herbs have now chance 90% to reward 10 pieces or 10% to reward 20 pieces, digging time was lowered to 2-5 seconds from 5-10 seconds
  • Ring of Trauma was removed from R9 packs
  • Fashion Packs will give 100% 27 or 28 fashion items (fashion, weapon fashion, mounts, smilies, flyers), their price also was changed and the new fashion items are non-tradeable, they can be put in Account Stash or sold to NPC's
  • New Color Packs had its rate increased and has been added to WebShop Fashion category
  • All packs in WebShop are non-tradeable now

Posted by Fenrir - 16/05/16 11:26PM - 1/52/53/54/55/5

  • Added 5 New Fashion Packs in WebShop
  • Added Dragon Orb Flame Pack in WebShop
  • Added 1 New Color Pack that contains new colors
  • Re-add Returned Warrior in WebShop (Holy Blessing potion was removed from the pack)
  • Adv. Endless Universe Quest (AEU)  rewards now 1 x Jade Dragon Note's
  • Jade Dragon Order Quest (AEU) rewards now 24 x Jade Dragon Order's 
  • Order of Blades Quest (EU) rewards now 3572 x Element Spirit's (equivalent of 100 game gold when sold to npc and exhanged using DQ custom system)
  • DevilwoodTiery HerbScented FungusWhite BerryWorm SproutsTulipTiger Ear HerbLongern Herb have now chance 90% to reward 10 pieces or 10% to reward 20 pieces, digging time was lowered to 2-5 seconds from 5-10 seconds
  • Freebies update:
  • New Characters start now in normal world
  • New Characters start now with 300k Reputation
  • New Characters start now with free R9 gear (can be found in a box in inventory)


ATTENTION: for old players that do not have R9 already, please open an ticket and tell us your character name and class, we will send you one free R9 pack for that class using ingame mail.


  • Character/Account must be created before 5-16-2016
  • 1 pack per account so choose your character wisely

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